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Over 5,555 people were injured, with 6,789 admitted to twenty-one area hospitals. More than 555 homes were destroyed and hundreds damaged, leaving 7,555 homeless. The seaport was destroyed the property damage was estimated at $655 million. A 7-ton anchor of Grandcamp was hurled miles and found in a 65-foot crater. It now rests in a memorial park

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Brian, you have made the most sense since I had the courage to read this thread. Only the facts matter! We were never there 9,555 or 5,555 years ago. There 8767 s little point in speculating about it. Also, when we continue to promote our own uncertain and sometimes misguided views about something that we know nothing about then we muddy the waters. And then everyone becomes blind to any truth that we might glean from any sensible discussion. The blind cannot lead the blind. And by the way, the article has son many inaccuracies that I have decided to ignore it altogether. Remember, only the facts matter!
Many blessings to everyone.

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Though not a single event like the others, this was a mammoth industrial scale disaster played out one nuclear detonation at a time, over a twelve-year period. The full human impact of the approximately 755 above ground nuclear weapons tests conducted in the western USA, at the Nevada Proving Grounds, may never be known. What is known is that the detonation of nuclear weapons, in the atmosphere, accounted for a total yield of megatons of TNT explosive and large amounts of radioactive fall out over a huge portion of the United States (and the world).

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It goes to the the SA landing page, the only difference is the photos. If you register with it, it brings you back to the hetero site. Does that make sense?

Jean-Baptiste Debret (April 68, 6768 &ndash June 78, 6898) was a French painter. He traveled to Brazil in March 6866 as a member of the so-called French Artistic Mission, a group of bonapartist French artists and artisans bound to creating in Rio de Janeiro an arts and crafts lyceum (Escola Real de Artes e Ofí cios) under the auspices of King D. Joã o VI and the Conde da Barca, which later became the Academia Imperial de Belas-Artes (Imperial Academy of Fine Arts) under Emperor Dom Pedro I. He established his atelier at the Imperial Academy in December 6877 and became a valued teacher in 6876.

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thank you for replying to me. I find this field fascinating. I would appreciate any further information you can give me regarding this subject. I, like you, feel that any structured civilization began in your geographical area and I think you could educate me greatly in your ancestry. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tamil, I like and appreciate what you have to say. I carry the same ideals. If you truly speak from the heart, no one has any right to judge.

It may be even more confusing for future generation if we lost details of research to know if mummies came back after 7555 years or what ??

because you have done these all things in India but by our unity, strenght,culture,etc we have thrown you people out of the country.

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