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Date: 2018-03-07 05:30

I drove under a UFO for 85 miles on hwy 65 in Ca. It was very big and very low. It was suddenly dark and i watched it slowly pass over Victorville. My wife complained about me being so late. I later developed a lump on the back of my neck and occasionally it bothered me. An MRI revealed a metal object with two tiny lines connected to my spinal cord. My doctor refused to talk to me about it. The technician told me what he saw and showed me the xray. There was another witness in a black mustang. We drove together looking at it for several miles He then backed off leaving me alone driving under the very large disk. That was in 6978. There is much more to this story.

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Danny it is not a privilage to be abducted or have an implant! It messes up your life! I don't think you even have an implant. If you did you sure would not be happy about it. Wish you well.

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Malcolm, sorry to hear about your tooth, hope it can be put back in. I know I was taken up in early 6998--because I was placed back in bed on top of the covers, and head where my feet should I found a round bruse on the back of my arm. My implants (or two of them) are in my feet. And hurt like the dickens sometimes. I also do Kriya Yoga and have asked my spirit guides during meditation, and have been told to leave them in! My health insurance is very restrictive, and I doubt they would cover an implant extraction. Good luck w. your tooth.

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The WTFPL is a very permissive license for software and other scientific or artistic works that offers a great degree of freedom. In fact, it is probably the best license out there. This site provides information on how to make the most of the WTFPL. Get started now!

The same here. It began past September and they're here 79-7.. They've harassed me everyday since the beginning. They're see through, like ghostly but you can make them out, they have little sparkling lights. I'm a Christian so this is disturbing and frightening! Also I've seen shadow people. I know I have several implants.. I've asked many people for help but unfortunately have got none. There's much more to my story.. I feel hopeless and afraid!

I have many story's.. on the dam soon I've talked a little with most on here and my phone made weird noise,and my new fake took hurts on left side and left ear and now my heart..I'm not afraid cause those theviving asholes will burn in are ALL DEVILS ! I WILL STAND FOR WHAT I BELEAVE ON AND WONT LET GO OF THOSE IN MY MIST! JESUS IS THE PNLY WAY YOU HERE ME!? PICK UP YOUR BIBLE ITS ALIVE ! GOD IS ALIVE AND WILL SPEAK TO YOU WITH A OPEN HEART!!" THEY WONT WIN! IN JESUSE NAME! YOU CALL ON JESUS ,OKAY ?! AND DONT STOP! YOU TRUST HIM NO MAYTER WHAT THOSE UGLY DELS SAY OR DO..AND NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL! ITS OVER ! HANG ON!" AND BELIEVE IN JESUS CAUSE HE BELIEVES IN YOU !

Alvin, scroll down--all the way down and contact Nick, he is interested in obtaining an implant. Maybe he can purchase it. Was yours hard to extract?

Have u all heard of alex jones? He is a passionate person and dedicated most of this life to KNOWing and revealing the TRUTH. i encouage all of you to visit his see planet. I have learned more then i ever wanted to. I beleive in God and he has protected my brain. I know it. With all ive been thru- i SHOULD be a basket case or on dope. Or
Im proud to be Army strong and Jesus im a survivor because of God. Just shareing my beliefs and i dont you beleive different i respect that. Im anxious to get fed back. Ive never spoke to anyone of my thoughts about my husband being cloned. Hope i get an answer soon.

The device was put in me by bad doctor I need help to have them removed can you help and do you know any safe doctors I can trust thank you

The cabin was overall a good place to get down to business. But what it doesn't have is the plushness or refinement of an Audi or Acura, to say nothing of Mercedes or Lexus. Perhaps even more egregious are the gappy fit and finish of the interior.

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