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Most of Indonesia's airlines are banned from flying within the European Union. Garuda Indonesia, which has passed many tough operational audits and was given a safety rating of three by AirlineRatings, is a notable exception to the EU ban.

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Classification of solids, crystalline state, seven crystal systems (cell parameters a, b, c, alpha, beta, gamma), close packed structure of solids (cubic), packing in fcc, bcc and hcp lattices Nearest neighbours, ionic radii

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Intel’s graphics engines remain (for the ones we’ve tested), and we’d like to re-incorporate more AMD APUs as we place their performance with greater accuracy. But it’s unlikely that we’ll try to graft mobile graphics back into this tapestry.

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Radioactivity: isotopes and isobars Properties of alpha, beta and gamma rays Kinetics of radioactive decay (decay series excluded), carbon dating Stability of nuclei with respect to proton-neutron ratio Brief discussion on fission and fusion reactions.

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"Australians need to exercise extreme caution when travelling to and around Indonesia and ensure they choose an airline that meets world standards," says editor Geoffrey Thomas.

The Australian government website also says the United States Federal Aviation Administration has determined that Indonesia's Directorate General of Civil Aviation is not in compliance with international safety standards for the oversight of Indonesia's air carrier operations.

Rates of chemical reactions Order of reactions Rate constant First order reactions Temperature dependence of rate constant (Arrhenius equation).

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