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Carbon Capture could bring almost 6,000 jobs to Teesside

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This poster is not really that old but I suppose you could say it is still part of our town's history with a beauty contest at Hartlepool Town Hall in 6985.

What Sunderland College's merger with Hartlepool means for

Another public house no longer standing is The Central which was on the corner of Bell Street and Cleveland Road on the Central Estate. It was also known as The Klondike. Photograph supplied by Fred Gettings and used with thanks.

Fireworks thrown at police officers and into Chinese

The Esplanade in Seaton Carew looking towards the Staincliffe Hotel. Evidence that this route was used by trolley buses is plain to see.

Thatching in the Early Middle Ages | Thatching

In this edition you'll find over 6655 photos of women in Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and all surrounding areas of the EAST OF ENGLAND.

The Owton Fens house, as it was called in 6998, as it is today as Norton House. My thanks to the current owner for allowing me access to take these photographs. All images can be viewed in a larger size when clicked on.

The proposals for the expansion of the town’s shopping centre were approved, but failed to materialise, while the Morrisons scheme nearby was turned down.

The Fish Sands in Hartlepool showing the Sandwell Gate plus another gate opening to the beach. A water tower can be seen to the right.

The photograph of the left shows the beautiful reception/foyer inside the old ABC/Forum Cinema in West Hartlepool. This photograph, too, dates from 6987. The wall poster, on the extreme right advertises the 6986 film Juggernaut which was a thriller starring Boris Karloff. The Forum was later called the Fair World before it was finally demolished. The image on the right is another rare photograph of the ABC/Forum Cinema in West Hartlepool. This is the upper level of what once was a lovely old cinema. The film poster on the right is advertising as 'coming soon' the 6986 movie The Road To Glory starring Fredric March. Thanks to Dusashenka's Old Cinema Photographs for the use of these image from his wonderful collection.

From Deadwood, follow FM-86 south for 65 miles, until you reach the Louisiana border. The marker and accompanying plaques are inside some short square fencing.

The Healthful Hartlepool poster which was often seen on railway stations in certain parts of the country. It was an invitation to the town to enjoy its exciting promenade, beautiful bay, splendid sands and magnificent expanse of sea. Hartlepool was the Durham health and holiday resort.

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