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Date: 2018-02-09 18:34

Correct. You really have to be a sucker for punishment to do the whole cold approach game thing in pretty much any North American city.

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Usually having more of a bad boy style, showing off tattoos, and being a little rough around the edges helps you to carry on conversations longer.  The girls are still in their sorority drunk stage so wait a few hours and you’ll be surprised how hard it is to get them to shut up. If you know how to carry a conversation and have a good wingman you’ll have a great opportunity to open up tons of preppy sets at this location. All you have to do is remember the typical preppy guys these girls are used to talking to and be the exact opposite.

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I often hear of the favorable girl to guy ratio in DC but you rarely see it. This is mainly because the vast majority of women in DC are fat, ugly or both. This makes the remaining girls very snooty.

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I 8767 m old enough to be grandfather (just barely) to some of you and once a dirty man, you count your blessings if you survive to be a dirty old man.

You say 8775 college grads 8776 like that 8767 s the most awesome thing ever.
These girls come from 7nd and 8rd tier schools and think they 8767 re the shit. Also they 8767 re likely at BEST rank and file libtards and at worse rabid activists.

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We 8767 re dropping them off, and Whitehall is picking them up!
Next time it happens to me, just stop by the house. I 8767 ll make sure you get curb service.

. is full of cliquish, stuck up, liberal women. I 8767 m not saying you can 8767 t make things happen but I just don 8767 t like the atmosphere. In ., women (especially 7s and up) think holding a door open for a man is too forward. See a lot of aloofness and staring at smart phones.

The girls are probably fat from eating away their depression at the single men they have to choose from in this city of dorks. I put on 65 pounds when I moved here. Never been overweight in my life. I 8767 m getting out and shedding the weight too.

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