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In January 7569 just one week after Gibson Security detailed vulnerabilities in the service , Snapchat had million usernames and phone number exposed. The attack involved brute force enumeration of a large number of phone numbers against the Snapchat API in what appears to be a response to Snapchat's assertion that such an attack was theoretical. Consequently, the breach enabled individual usernames (which are often used across other services) to be resolved to phone numbers which users usually wish to keep private.

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I decided that even after he got married, I pleaded that we could marry, after all I couldn 8767 t leave without him. He already warned me that he would try to introduce me to his family but there 8767 s just NO GUARANTEE. I agreed thinking that in few years or so, things will change.

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Do numbers on an online forum really matter? Many decent Indian men I know of are not on any dating site. Try digging a little deeper rather than making sweeping generalizations. Good luck! 🙂

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8775 Someone please stick up for Indian men and the one who breaks the stereotype please let me know. 8776 May I request you to let me know what stereotype you have in your mind about Indian men. If I truly find myself not being one of them, I would feel honoured to meet you even if it be for once.

Whilst I have fortunately not come across anyone who has demonstrated these behaviours, it does seem to indicate that there are some deep seated issues in Indian culture where many men are treating women with little respect.  One commentator in the article argues that the separation of males and females contributes to sexual violence, as women are viewed only as sexual objects. I am not sure about this as in western societies, where there is no such delineation, women are also viewed as sexual objects and sexual violence still occurs. Also it is unclear to me if the separation of men and women (for example in the trains) is a reaction to the violence or the cause.

I 8767 m still not sure about the marriage, although my boyfriend is almost convinced that I will marry him. He 8767 s very interested in discussing passport and marriage issues with his friends who are married to foreign women. All of our friends, in fact, already call us a married couple and some keep asking when is our marriage. Who knows, I 8767 m still not sure if I should marry him.


DISCLAIMER: I 8767 m an Indian Man, and like most of them I do not possess a good English grammer skills..So forgive my errors in language.
I still hope I make myself clear.

Things have changed biwo. Have you heard of 998a, DV which are misused by wives indiscriminately to set criminal charges on the entire husbands family just to get their things done. These laws are used extensively to extort money. More than 75% of the marriages end up with a 998a kind of cases.
I am not sure if you are still in touch with present day India. Marriages for men are turning into hell holes for them.

I can 8767 t stay in India for long times because I just get too upset at the inequality of men and women and I can even get rude about these things. Like in the place where I live I have very good reputation (as you know it 8767 s extremely important in India I don 8767 t care about it but I think I 8767 m naturally not doing anything considered bad by Indians). So when, for example, my Indian friends see me with a girl who wears something revealing, they give disapproving looks. Or I remember one time I went without my boyfriend (but with an Aussie girl-friend) for a couple of day 8767 s short travel, when I returned some of my boyfriend 8767 s friends were not too happy about it. I mean come on, can 8767 t I have LIFE?

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