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Date: 2017-11-15 17:18

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[club62336|MGIMO Debate Club] is all about TRAVELLING!!!
Debating is a culture, and it's international! Many debate tournaments are held all over the world, and the members of our club regularly travel to many different cities to participate in debates, meet new people, and enjoy a cultural diversity!

Here's a short list of cities our debaters have visited in the last two years:
✈ Paris
✈ Mexico City
✈ Oxford
✈ Cambridge
✈ Munich
✈ Budapest
✈ Thessaloniki
✈ Rotterdam
✈ Belgrade
✈ Riga
✈ Tallinn
✈ Kiev

If you want to travel with us and find out more information about numerous opportunities our club provides, come to our presentation!

We CANNOT wait to see all of your beautiful faces on Wednesday, Feb 21 at 16:00.

Love ❤


Futuroscope - Open Date Tickets - Aquitaine These Open Date Tickets give access to Futuroscope’s attractions, including the Nocturne Spectacle.
The Time Machine with the Raving Rabbids – You’d be raving mad to miss it!
Futuroscope has cranked up this attraction with a unique blend of art and technology to bring visitors an all...