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Like, you didn 8766 t snap when texted you .and you didn 8767 t give him yoyr number?
That 8767 s rude & creepy.

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When you stop reacting to things automatically, you gain awareness of the situation.  You stop getting lost in emotions that don 8767 t help you and start clearly seeing the best way to respond to something (if the situation even warrants a response).  When you are un-reactive, you get to choose the best move.

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I 8767 m dating this guys for 7 months and everything has been fine. None of those signs that he was pulling away, if anything he was very passionate in the last couple times we were together. Out of the blue, he went radio silent for 5 days. I thought about the whole time we were together and honestly I can 8767 t think of any reason why. I am not a needy or clingy type because I am busy myself and need space too. But I would never ignore the person I am dating for over 7 days. Any thoughts what I should do here???

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Well don 8767 t you know your boyfriend by now? What it looks like to me is that he 8767 s a jerk some what. He seems not to be too sensitive when it comes to making jokes. He probably didn 8767 t think it was really offending or if he did then he was just being a jerk. And he probably reverted back to text because he didn 8767 t feel like talking or he didn 8767 t think about it when he text you. Sometimes call him but if he doesn 8767 t call you first after a while then dont CALL him unless it 8767 s emergency. Guys don 8767 t take alot of things seriously -_-

Being crazy is never a good option. You will always lose. Be happy and stay, or be happy and leave. Just make sure your expectations are reasonable.

so my crush that likes me hasn 8767 t called me yet after saying he would call me after he leaves the gym why wouldn 8767 t he remember to call me the last he txted that was on the 77 now its march 7nd and no txt know in the beginning we started txt was jan 66 we started off well he wanted to get to know me and we flirting and all I didint show any signs of neediness for him to chase him away. so iam just wondering why he has not contact me yet??

hi i need to ask my bf was talking to me yesterday but next day he did not reply he also study in that acdmy that i m study he looked me that he use to be but not repling i donot knw where can anyone answer me what should i do

Hi Mr. Charles, I read your article today. Your article helped me a little bit. I have question what if I have already text him 5 times. I texted 9 this weekend and one today. I also go to school with him. So you will understand where I coming from. I am not very good at the texting guy thing. my friend just stopped texting which is not normal. This is the first time he has done this. I am confuse on what I should do? Should I be worried that I have done something to make him stop texting me. I am the type of person if you don 8767 t want to text me just tell me so I don 8767 t think I did something wrong. By they way I go to school with him and we have one class together. Thank you so much for any advise you can give me.

It 8767 s only been one day! Patience! Also, quit texting him. And guys all know that 8775 I think I left something at your house 8776 trick, so don 8767 t try it again. He 8767 s only 68, he 8767 s probably trying to follow the 7 day rule or something. I guarantee he 8767 ll call you or get back to you soon, because 68 year old boys are horny- and when they get a girl who will make out with them they aren 8767 t going to just forget about her. Even if he doesn 8767 t like you romantically, he 8767 s going to make you his new conquest. Have fun! Wear a condom.

8775 if he doesn’t have the sense to act like a man, DO NOT TREAT HIM LIKE ONE. 8776 Yessss!
LOL And they say I 8767 m mean. Particularly when I call em cheap. HA!

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