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Personal Details for making Kundali chart and 40 page

Date: 2018-02-08 03:17

The kundali making for matching is a method which can give info about your Mental and Physical compatibility, Longevity of the marriage , Nature, Health according to Astrology, Childbirth, Separative tendencies and financial standings.

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Ans. There are so many combinations possible for love marriage but when lord of fifth house and lord of seventh house combine in centre of trine, aspect, .continue read exchange in fifth and seventh house is the yoga for the love marriage. Exalted venus and good strength of venus may lead to love marriage.
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The wide availability of matchmaking sites in India has made choosing of a suitable life partner easy. Ranging from picture providing to kundali matching, each and every service can be done with the help of a simple click by sitting anywhere in the whole world. Only an uninterrupted Internet connection is required.

Your favourable periods in life can also be known with this online Kundli in Hindi. The free Kundali studies the various features of horoscope to give you this information. It also analyses the dasa and apahara in your life and tells about their effects. Thus, from this Janam Kundali, you can know the favourable periods for your career, marriage, business, house construction etc.

Get your Free Janam Kundali (Birth Horoscope) and comprehensive Life Report based upon your Birth Details. It will help knowing all about your horoscope and predict the future ahead.

The form you see above is AstroVidhi's special Janam Kundali software. Along with the birth-chart, you will be updated about all kinds of Dosha including Mangal Dosh, Shani Sade Sati, etc.

The eleventh sign of the zodiac. Aquarius' symbol is the water bearer. Aquarius correlates with versatility and expression. An individual born under Aquarius sign look for changes in life. Aquarius is one of the most independent sign in the zodiac

Your horoscope or Kundali gives you an insight into your Personality & life path. The method of Kundali is developed by ancient sages, which has been an important tool since ages and still very relevant in today's times for making human life better.

Ans. When significance of marriage venus planet in case of male and jupiter in case of female chart get good strength placement and aspect of benefic planets on the significator planet is the main reason of happy marriage life..continue read The placement of lord of seventh house become good and having aspect of benefic planet lead to happy marriage life. There are so many combinations of happy marriage life. .read less

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