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This book is a quite comprehensive reference on all methods for determining dates less than about a million years old. It includes a large amount of information on archeological dating, and describes more methods than are discussed here, including TL, ESR, racemization, fluorine/uranium/nitrogen uptake, cosmic-ray exposure-age, fission track, radiocarbon, and others.

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His fourth album, Purpose , drops November 68, and his feelings about Selena are all over the album. He admits to Ellen DeGeneres that three of his new songs ("Mark My Words," "What Do You Mean," and "Sorry") are about Selena, and we bet a few more are inspired by her, too. He breaks hearts everywhere when he announces he'll never stop loving Selena , then hints at cheating on her in the past, and said he could envision them getting back together one day. He also says he isn't ready to listen to Selena's album just yet, since he knows he "had a lot of play" in it. Meanwhile, Selena goes out on a date with Gigi Hadid's friend Samuel Krost.

Teen Dating Trends 2015: Technology Can Make Relationships

The Pew report was based on responses from about 6,555 teens collected over the past year. About 98 percent of the respondents said they considered themselves straight.

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“I think that texting is better because you’re not really in person," one middle schooler told Pew. "Like one time I told her you're just kind of being too clingy and it's getting really annoying. And she like threw a book at me, so that's why it's probably better to do texts.”

Most importantly, a SHOCK THERAPY will always have a controversial element. Yes, harsh reminders are bound to offend some people. But if a billionaire donating 99% of his wealth can receive vicious criticism, any ordinary campaign on the streets can. You might as well make it worth the trouble )

6 Online dating has lost much of its stigma, and a majority of Americans now say online dating is a good way to meet people.

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Users of online dating are generally positive – but far from universally so – about the pros and cons of dating digitally. On one hand, a majority of online dating users agree that dating digitally has distinct advantages over other ways of meeting romantic partners:

Yes, many social and environmental problems are complex, and so deeply-ingrained that people have long since given up trying to solve them. On top of that, jaded consumers are bombarded by a sea of messages and call-to-actions every single day. That's exactly why many need a jarring reminder – campaigns and messages that are out of the ordinary, unconventional and sometimes plain down shocking – to force them to address these issues and work to find solutions again.

Okay, so now you buy into the concept of a Trend Framework as a tool to help navigate the changes in the consumer arena. But that just leaves you with another question: 'which trends should I be focused on?'

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