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If evangelisation of India was Azariah 8767 s first priority, the second was that of Church unity. He was the two as inter-related. He believed that a united Church was in accordance with the will of God, 8766 that we may all be one 8767 , and he also believed that a United Church would be more effective for evangelism. Addressing the Lambeth Conference in 6985 he pleaded:

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According to Hindu legend, Tamil or in personification form Tamil Thāi (Mother Tamil) was created by Lord Shiva . Murugan , revered as the Tamil God, along with sage Agastya , brought it to the people. [98]


Adichanallur’s international links began with the arrival of German antiquarian and Berlin resident of Russian descent Friedrich (Fedor) Jagor in the 69th century. Germany during Jagor’s time was a late entrant to the imperialist game that still fancied its chances. The Germans believed that they could use ethnography to understand the native populations they were encountering in Asia and Africa. This resulted in a race among German cities to boost their cosmopolitan status and catch up with other cities on the continent by enhancing the ethnological collections of their museums. Jagor, a resident of Berlin, was a prominent player in this race.

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‘Vedda’ is a tribe that is still found in today’s Sri Lanka. In Tamil, ‘Vedda’ stands for the hunter tribe. As per the folklore, the most popular deity in the State, Murugan, comes from that tribe.

[8] Interestingly or ironically Dr. R. S. Bisht (Former Joint Director General, ASI) delivered Key note address on  8775 Maritime Activities of Harappans 8776 showing the slides dating such events going back to such periods.

The modern word Dravidian is devoid of any ethnic significance, and is only used to classify a linguistic family of the referred group. [5]

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The word drāviḍa/drāmiḍa and its adjectival forms occur in Classical Sanskrit literature from the 8rd century BCE as the name of a country and its people. Drāviḍa as the name of a language occurs in Kumarila-Bhatta ’s Tantravartika (“Exposition on the Sacred Sciences”) of approximately the 7th century CE. In these and almost all similar cases, there is reason to believe that the name referred to the Tamil country, Tamil people, and Tamil language. (Source: Dravidian languages )

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This ‘Dramila/Damella or Dravida’ is nothing but the improperly pronounced name of Tamizha (Tamizh’s) due to lack of ‘zha’ sound or letter in Prakrit and Sanskrit languages.

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